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PanoMachine first use was making panoramic pictures. For this, two special modes can be use : one for 360° pictures (PANO360 mode) and another for other angles pictures (PANOWIDE mode)

Here is the way the PanoMachine takes pictures in PANO360 mode:

Then, you just need to stitch pictures with the software of your choice (I recommend Helmut Dersh PanoTools filters for Photoshop, as they are free and they make a great quality job, but there is lots of other softwares easier to use wich can run automatically)

Selecting PANOWIDE mode, angle is not necessary 360°, you can select the angle of your choice,
as making a 200° picture with a telelens can also gives wonderful pictures..

Examples of use.

- Make a single panorama of 200 (5 views) with a Nikon D70, with infrared remote control.

- Make 5 panoramas of 360 (12 views), waiting 15 minutes between each panorama

- Make a QTVR object (36 views) in less than one minute.

- Make a panorama of 360 and tripple each view.

- Make a panorama
of 200° (24 views) with a telelens.

- Make a panorama of 180, following the sun : 12 views with a delay of one hour between each view.

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