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Making high definition timelapse video with a PanoMachine is easy. Here is an example:

Sunshine1 (4Mo)

On this example, you will notice the motion of camera during the take of view. It really allows new creative ideas ...
Take of view of the 600 pictures has been made with my "old" Canon Eos300D during 2 hours. The PanoMachine is also a shooting machine : with a 1Go card, I often make 1500 pictures, wich gives me 50 secondes of high definition timelapse video at 30 frames/second.

Of course, while the PanoMachine is doing the job, I can drink coffee with my friends ...

Making video with a photo camera gives the better possible image quality.
Previous example is a fast-made example with no change in pictures. The next v
ideo file is made with the same pictures, but after cropping with Photoshop:

Sunshine2 (4Mo)

As the original pictures are high resolution, it is easy to crop the video without loss of quality. You can zoom, change ratio of pictures and retouch pictures using all the power of photo retouching softwares.

To make timelapse videos, select CUSTOM mode on the PanoMachine screen. This mode gives acces to all the options of the PanoMachine.
For example :
- NPOS=900 : it takes 900 pictures
- Tshoot= 4 sec +
Tfocus=0 + Tshutter= 1 sec : takes a picture every 5 secondes.
- ANGLE = 90 degres : the camera will move on a 90° angle while making the 900 pictures.

The PanoMachine can work alone during 8 hours with a 2700 mAh NiMh set a batteries (6 x AA standard elements). But it can also be connected to a external batterie or AC/DC power converter, with will give a unlimited automony.

Another example: black_sky (4Mo).


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