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Programmation of the PanoMachine is easy. With the backligthed LCD and the remote control unit, it is easy to fix the parameters wich allow a precise control of the take of view. Almost all parameters of the process can be controlled, including the delays for waking up the camera or the delay for stocking pictures on the memory card.
Extended possibilities are avaliable for long time programmation on several days.
Triggering of the camera can be done by cable release or by infrared remote control :
- cable release with or without focusing delay (can trigger almost all the reflex cameras of today).
- infrared remote control for Canon (EOS 300D, 350D, Digital Rebel)
- infrared remote control for Nikon (D70, D70s, D50).

The PanoMachine is versatile and it can be used for numerous other tasks : as a panoramic timelapse machine, as a control camera for survey, as a multi-intervallometer with extended possibilities, etc etc ...

Ideas for use:.

- Making a single panorama of 200 (5 views) with a Nikon D70, with infrared remote control.

- Making 5 panoramas of 360 (12 views), waiting 15 minutes between each panorama

- Making a QTVR object (36 views) in less than one minute.


-Making a timelapse video of the sky : two hours of clouds shrink in a 10 secondes high definition

- Making a panorama of 360 and tripple each view.

- Making a panorama
of 200° (24 views) with a telelens.

- Making a panorama of 180, following the sun : 12 views with a delay of one hour between each view

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